Day 6305 in the Life

Christmas Day, 2014

As we celebrate Christmas we are reminded how truly blessed we are. Not just because we were able to provide the presents the kiddo was expecting. {Let’s face it. Kids expect presents at Christmas. No matter if they understand the meaning of Christmas or not.} We are happy in our little cottage. We are healthy. We have an amazing family. And we are surrounded by love.

May your Christmas season be filled with love and many blessings.

The Hills 2014

A Promise of Purity

Today’s the day.  Today is the day the kiddo makes her promise of purity to God.  On her own she decided that she wants to make a purity promise.  We purchased the unblossomed rose Chastity Ring for her to make her promise and couldn’t be more excited and proud that she made this decision.  Makes me feel that we are doing something right.

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Just a Friendly Reminder

Since our recent move to the Cleave, the kiddo has become quite forgetful.  Maybe not more than she was before.  It could be that I only noticed how forgetful since turning around to go back home and get whatever it is that she forgot isn’t an option.  “I forgot my drink.  I forgot my hoodie.  I forgot my belt!” All on the same morning.

So what does this Aw-that-stinks mama do? She created a morning checklist with everything the kiddo needs.  {Note: I’m not a make-your-bed-in-the-morning kind of mama, so you’ll notice there are no chores on this list. It’s hard enough getting her out of bed and in the car on time.  I’m happy as long as her hair looks like it’s been combed this year and she doesn’t have dragon breath.}
And since purchasing a laminator, I LAMINATE EVERYTHING! The kiddo uses dry erase markers to check off the items and wipes it off for the next morning.
Feel free to use this as some inspiration for your own.