Day 39 in the Life

On days 39 and 40, we packed for the big move.  We didn’t get everything packed and moved, but all of the big ticket items are moved {the large furniture items that I cannot carry down two flights of stairs by myself}. Thanks to some much needed help from Joe and Josh, we got more done than I believe we expected in a lot less time, so we were able to enjoy the last night in the apartment with the three of us.  Al and I will have plenty of time to pack up the rest of the small things and get out of there!

Al helped me pack.


More than any three people should have.

A TA-DA! List

While perusing through Pinterest looking for organization ideas {Hi, my name is Millie, and I’m a Pinterestaholic}, I stumbled across a pin that brought me to a lovely little blog, Somewhat Simple, where I found a post by Stephanie that included a free, printable Ta-Da list. Yes, a ta-da list. Not to be confused with a to-do list. {Side note: this blog is chockablock full with wonderful ideas to SIMPLIFY your life. I highly recommend taking a peak.}

In the post by Stephanie, she explains where she got the idea for her Ta-Da list and how every woman should use a ta-da list instead of staring at a never-ending to-do list. {And if you’re like me, a to-do list with nothing checked off. AAAARRGGHH!!} So I’m taking this idea of Stephanie’s and running with it . . . for my kiddo.

A couple months ago, Al and I put together an Al accountability binder for her savings and chore tracking {another idea found on Pinterest and another great website for organization ideas, Thirty Handmade Days.  Thanks, Mique!}.  This little ta-da list will be a great addition and an easy way to help Al keep track of the little extras that she does {like take care of Mama when Mama’s not well}. But I decided to change it up a bit.  Instead of using Stephanie’s lovely, daily ta-da list, I created a weekly ta-da list.

Our ta-da list is standard letter size and can be laminated and placed in a management/accountability binder.  Feel free to download our Ta-Da List and use it for yourself.


Day 7 in the Life

This wooden rocking chair was given as a baby shower gift from my sisters before our Allison was born. I preferred this old, tradition style chair to the new gliding rockers.

This rocking chair is now showing signs of aging at the young age of 12. These marks are from my dad who would scratch his nails on it as he sat to watch his shows.

I often think about repainting it. And then I see these marks. Maybe one day I’ll figure out a way to repaint and keep the signs of wear.