Photo Challenge

I have wanted to participate in a photo challenge for several years.  I just couldn’t find the right one.  Some came close to fitting my lifestyle, but most fell short.  So this year, I made one of my own.

Combined with memory planning {and being a full-time working wife and part-time single mom} this really will be a challenge!

52 Week Photo Challenge



IMG_1331It’s amazing how fast time passes.  One minute the kiddo was a sweet, innocent, loving child.  Now she’s a know-it-all, smart-mouthed teenager just like {you guessed it} HER FATHER.  Although there are times I wish I could feed her a knuckle sandwich for dinner, I really wouldn’t have it any other way.

Recently the hubs decided to explore the world of Paleo.  {Yaaaaay! was not my first thought.}  As I conducted my research for meal planning {because Paleo is a tag-team sport} I discovered something called memory planning.

What is memory planning you ask? {Well, at least I did.}  Memory planning is not only using a planner to plot out your life {or schedule chaos}, but it takes things a step farther by documenting {drum roll, please, ddddddddddddddd} MEMORIES! Make a planner into a scrapbook.  My first thought was, “WHO HAS TIME FOR THAT!?!” But it really is a fantastic idea. Continue reading

Destination Disney!

We finally made it to Walt Disney World by way of St. Augustine! Days 6642 through 6649 in the Life were MAGICAL!

After a nice, relaxing Thanksgiving Day, we hit the road on Day 6642 in the Life, headed to St. Augustine, Florida.  We visited some our favorite spots, the Mission of Nombre de Dios and Shrine of Our Lady of le Leche and the historic fort Castillo de San Marcos, and added a couple more favorites to our list.  This time we visited Potter’s Wax Museum, Spanish Military Hospital Museum, and Gonzalez-Alverez House Museum.  We took a carriage ride around the city at sunset, and toured Whetstone Chocolates Factory!

We’re patiently waiting for the chocolate factory tour to begin.

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Where Has the Time Gone!?!

Hi.  Remember us? It’s been two years, but we’re still here.  A lot has happened in those two years.  Our little one is a teenager.  {Boy is she ever a teenager.  Pray for us.}  Ruby and Angel have both left us.  Our little cottage is coming along but still isn’t complete.  One thing has remained the same.  Life at the Hill House is always an adventure.

When we last met {June of 2015} we were planning a mini-vacation to Jacksonville, St. Augustine, and Daytona Beach, Florida for Fourth of July weekend.

Days 6493 through 6497 in the Life

We started this mini-vacation in Jacksonville, Florida.  There’s not a whole lot for a small family to do in Jacksonville except visit the beach, but who wants to do that!?! {Just kidding, we live near a beach, so it gets a little boring.} The Jacksonville Zoo was amazing! It may be the best zoo we’ve seen.

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Not a Kid Anymore

In 48 days our little baby girl will be a teenager. The first order of business? The birthday party. And what theme does our soon-to-be teenager want? A drive in movie showing of a DreamWorks cartoon, Home. {We added Insurgent when we realized they would both be released in the two weeks before her birthday.}

Let the birthday spectacular planning begin!