We Have Walls!

Well, almost walls. But definitely partitions.


Looking from the bathroom through the kitchen and into the living room. {And the man hard at work.}


The beautiful tub where we will soon be able to shower. It’s the little things in life that make the biggest impact.


Standing in the tub/shower looking into the bathroom and the laundry area. See our shiny new toilet still in the box {but not for long}.


From outside the front door looking in at the dining area. {And the hard-working man take a well deserved break.} The box in the wall is for the air conditioner/heater. We will not have central air/heat since the cottage is less than 1,000 sq ft.


Looking from the living room through the dining area into the kitchen. The door on the back wall of the kitchen leads to the bathroom/laundry area.


One of the bedrooms with the closet framed.


Same bedroom, looking from the closet to the doorway into the kitchen {at the hard-working man}.