A Promise of Purity

Today’s the day.  Today is the day the kiddo makes her promise of purity to God.  On her own she decided that she wants to make a purity promise.  We purchased the unblossomed rose Chastity Ring for her to make her promise and couldn’t be more excited and proud that she made this decision.  Makes me feel that we are doing something right.

Purity Ring


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The Chastity Ring™

This ring’s a special symbol
of the promise that I’ve made.
With your help, O Lord, I know
its glow will never fade.

With your help, Lord, I’ll stand firm
though some may criticize.
For whose opinion matters,
if I look good in Your eyes?

Who can give me anything
to take the place of You?
Who on earth can justify
a love that isn’t True?

So, I make my statement,
on my hand and in my heart.
I know, one day, I’ll hear You say
I chose the better part.

The world calls this old fashioned;
still, I’ll wait – it’s just a while.
For Honor, Truth, and Faithfulness
are never out of style.

By James Louviere
©1995 Stuller Inc.

3 thoughts on “A Promise of Purity

  1. How beautiful that she chose to keep herself pure for herself! I love the ring you’ve got for her. There’s something so significant about having something that signifies something of importance in your life. For me it’s a locket that I keep a cherished bible verse in to remind me of God’s promises and my promises to Him regarding love and purity. I’m only 21, but the importance of parents is so evident – I’m so grateful that my parents took the time to demonstrate and teach me the importance of purity of heart and body. It warms my heart seeing other young women growing up in homes that nurture them and love them enough to impart this kind of wisdom to them. I owe my parents big time for their Godly decisions in raising me.


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