Dewberries Again!?!

Yes, dewberries again. I have struggled with what to do with the big, empty space above my corner sink. Now that my lovely shelving is installed the big, empty space seemed bigger! There are so many things that I would like to do in the kitchen, but nothing stuck out for this space. Then it occurred to me. The dewberries. The dewberries that I’m so excited to pick I almost cannot wait for them to ripen. My beloved dewberries.

First I thought I would just print one large photograph of a ripened dewberry cluster. But I chose three photographs I have taken over the last month of my dewberry vines in different stages of growth. I had 11×14 prints made on mat-board backing and a UV coating. Instead of framing the prints {I’m really not into picture frames. I find them bulky and annoying.} I nailed them directly to the wall. Yes, I nailed them directly to the wall through the photographs and colored the nail head with a black marker to hide the nail. Now, I love this wall. {The hubby is not so sure about the frame-less prints.}