IMG_1331It’s amazing how fast time passes.  One minute the kiddo was a sweet, innocent, loving child.  Now she’s a know-it-all, smart-mouthed teenager just like {you guessed it} HER FATHER.  Although there are times I wish I could feed her a knuckle sandwich for dinner, I really wouldn’t have it any other way.

Recently the hubs decided to explore the world of Paleo.  {Yaaaaay! was not my first thought.}  As I conducted my research for meal planning {because Paleo is a tag-team sport} I discovered something called memory planning.

What is memory planning you ask? {Well, at least I did.}  Memory planning is not only using a planner to plot out your life {or schedule chaos}, but it takes things a step farther by documenting {drum roll, please, ddddddddddddddd} MEMORIES! Make a planner into a scrapbook.  My first thought was, “WHO HAS TIME FOR THAT!?!” But it really is a fantastic idea.


Needless to say, my interest is piqued upon this fascinating discovery, so I do a little more research on the subject {forget all about Paleo} and find SEVERAL options.  I settled on the Heidi Swapp Memory Planner found here.  {LOVE her MINC products.}  There are newer versions of Heidi Swapp Memory Planners available, but I chose this particular one because I love the gold stripes, and it’s the perfect size to create my own pages for meal planning, cleaning schedule, savings tracker, etc.

71LjreTQeYL._SL1500_One main difference in memory planning is the incorporation of photographs.  We live in a wonderful age of technology when taking pictures of everyday life isn’t like it was just ten years ago.  We whip out these wonderful devices call smartphones and take pictures of our dinners, outfits, puppies, SELVES, flowers, and sometimes even our children.

We also have the comeback of instant cameras.  These Polaroid-style gadgets are popular among the younger generations, my kiddo included.  One little device incorporating the best of both worlds is Fujifilm’s Instax Share Smartphone Printer.  The smartphone printer allows you to print images directly from an app on your phone.  The pictures fit nicely into the memory planner pages.IMG_0022

On Day 7,433 in the Life {January 26, 2018}, I will start this new adventure called memory planning and document the happenings of the Hill house with images, quotes, and shenanigans, capturing the wonderful expressions that flow from my loving, spirited, not-at-all-smart-alecky family.  I can hear the Shakespearean-esque sonnets now.

Now to figure out what I did to deserve Paleo.