Introducing The Hills

The Hills 2014

Troy, Millie, and Alli

Hello! Welcome to a glimpse of our life on Sims Mill Pond. We are the Hills, a Catholic family with southern roots. We were established in September 1997. After what seemed like a lifetime but was only five short years we were blessed with the arrival of our beautiful baby girl.  She took her sweet time coming into the world, but she quickly took over our entire world. And we have not since been the same. Now the teenage years have crept in, but we’re excited to see the young lady she will become.

We’ve led an interesting life to say the least. Not quite a fairy tale but we’ve had our share of comedy and tragedy. We always say that if it can happen, it will happen to us. But whether it’s family crisis or haunted graveyards with Sissy Spacek sightings, we have conquered every challenge with courage and strength through God’s grace.

We have learned the most important things in life are God and family. So we enjoy our time together. Anything from attending Mass on Sundays to walking our 16.5-acre property to sitting around a bonfire to binge watching Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean movies to just laying around. As long as we’re together, we’re happy.

In August of 2014 we moved into our little cottage on Sims Mill Pond. Although the cottage is not complete, the simple living that our 882 sq. ft. home provides is worth the sawdust and concrete floors. Little by little. Slow and steady. One task at a time makes us appreciate our blessings even more. We have plans to build the “American Dream Home” someday, but for now we’re content in our little slice of heaven.

We’re happy and excited to share our life with you and hope our adventures will put a smile on your face. Don’t forget to leave us a note to say hello.

God bless,
The Hills

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