Creating Magic

While still in the beginning stages of planning our family vacation, I discovered there are quite a few useful resources that will be of great assistance. So far my favorites are:

With all of this wonderful advice, I decided to start a Vacation Planner binder. I designed my binder on using our monogram. Zazzle offers a wide variety of Disney designs, but since Walt Disney World will not be our only vacation destination, I customized a binder to match my home binder.

I created dividers using Avery Index Maker White Dividers with the following categories:

  1. General Information
  2. Budget
  3. Packing List
  4. Resort/Hotel
  5. Dining
  6. Magic Kingdom
  7. Epcot
  8. Hollywood Studios
  9. Animal Kingdom
  10. Downtown Disney

I know it’s a lot, but with 40-square miles of property I don’t want to miss any of the magic!

214 Days to Disney

On Day 6,429 in the Life, we received a little package in the mail.


Oooh, a surprise.

We thought it was the informational DVD of Walt Disney World, but no. It was something quite unexpected. Instead of just sending a confirmation email, Walt Disney World sent this nice, little box as our reservation confirmation. Continue reading

It’s the Magic Countdown!

{Now I have Europe stuck in my head.}

It’s official. We booked our Walt Disney World vacation for later this year. The magic begins in 221 days. Let the planning commence! {And my goodness are there a lot of resources for planning and preparation.}


See you on Day 6,644, Walt and Mickey!

The Golden Hour

Ahh, the Golden Hour. My favorite time of day. The hour after the sun rises {when we’re normally driving to school and work} and the hour before the sun sets, when the earth has that beautiful, golden glow. That time when lighting is magically perfect and photography is easy and relaxing {and without all the extra outside expectations of perfection}. The time when I love photography again.

So during the evening golden hour of day 6401 in the life, we grabbed the camera and headed outdoors.  This is what we found.

Purple Wild Flowers

Little Purple Wild Flower

Our Little Cottage which is still under construction, but we love it.

Our Little Cottage is still under construction, but we love it.


This tractor belonged to Troy’s father. It’s old, but we love it. And it gets the job done.


Just can’t get enough of this tractor.

This is what Life on Sims Mill Pond is all about.

With a front yard like this, who wants to be inside? This is what Life on Sims Mill Pond is all about.

And our dewberries.

Dewberries on the Vine Dewberries in Bloom Dewberries at Sunset