A TA-DA! List

While perusing through Pinterest looking for organization ideas {Hi, my name is Millie, and I’m a Pinterestaholic}, I stumbled across a pin that brought me to a lovely little blog, Somewhat Simple, where I found a post by Stephanie that included a free, printable Ta-Da list. Yes, a ta-da list. Not to be confused with a to-do list. {Side note: this blog is chockablock full with wonderful ideas to SIMPLIFY your life. I highly recommend taking a peek.}

In the post by Stephanie, she explains where she got the idea for her Ta-Da list and how every woman should use a ta-da list instead of staring at a never-ending to-do list. {And if you’re like me, a to-do list with nothing checked off. AAAARRGGHH!!} So I’m taking this idea of Stephanie’s and running with it . . . for my kiddo.

A couple months ago, Al and I put together an Al accountability binder for her savings and chore tracking {another idea found on Pinterest and another great website for organization ideas, Thirty Handmade Days.  Thanks, Mique!}.  This little ta-da list will be a great addition and an easy way to help Al keep track of the little extras that she does {like take care of Mama when Mama’s not well}. But I decided to change it up a bit.  Instead of using Stephanie’s lovely, daily ta-da list, I created a weekly ta-da list.

Our ta-da list is standard letter size and can be laminated and placed in a management/accountability binder.  Feel free to download our Ta-Da List and use it for yourself.