Where Has the Time Gone!?!

Hi.  Remember us? It’s been two years, but we’re still here.  A lot has happened in those two years.  Our little one is a teenager.  {Boy is she ever a teenager.  Pray for us.}  Ruby and Angel have both left us.  Our little cottage is coming along but still isn’t complete.  One thing has remained the same.  Life at the Hill House is always an adventure.

When we last met {June of 2015} we were planning a mini-vacation to Jacksonville, St. Augustine, and Daytona Beach, Florida for Fourth of July weekend.

Days 6493 through 6497 in the Life

We started this mini-vacation in Jacksonville, Florida.  There’s not a whole lot for a small family to do in Jacksonville except visit the beach, but who wants to do that!?! {Just kidding, we live near a beach, so it gets a little boring.} The Jacksonville Zoo was amazing! It may be the best zoo we’ve seen.

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Fun in the Sun in Destin, Florida

After a very short training class at Eglin yesterday, Troy, Al and I spent the day in Destin.  At Harbor Walk Village to be exact.

We walked along the Harbor Walk, enjoying a Kona Ice, feeling the nice breeze, and getting some sun.  I got more than Troy and Al, but the burn is worth it.

IMG_1146 IMG_1150

We rode down to the beach and walked along the shoreline to collect a bottle of sand.


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