IMG_1331It’s amazing how fast time passes.  One minute the kiddo was a sweet, innocent, loving child.  Now she’s a know-it-all, smart-mouthed teenager just like {you guessed it} HER FATHER.  Although there are times I wish I could feed her a knuckle sandwich for dinner, I really wouldn’t have it any other way.

Recently the hubs decided to explore the world of Paleo.  {Yaaaaay! was not my first thought.}  As I conducted my research for meal planning {because Paleo is a tag-team sport} I discovered something called memory planning.

What is memory planning you ask? {Well, at least I did.}  Memory planning is not only using a planner to plot out your life {or schedule chaos}, but it takes things a step farther by documenting {drum roll, please, ddddddddddddddd} MEMORIES! Make a planner into a scrapbook.  My first thought was, “WHO HAS TIME FOR THAT!?!” But it really is a fantastic idea. Continue reading